D-Wave Computers & "This" Are Creating Dimension Rifts (Mandela Effect)


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D-Wave Computers & "This" Are Creating Dimension Rifts (Mandela Effect) ➥ PROTECT FAMILY DURING A CRISIS - ➥ SECRET TO TESLA'S INTELLIGENCE - ➥ $0 FOR HYBEAM FLASHLIGHT - ➥ $0 FOR WALLET BLADE - Something happening worldwide because of this. In 1981 Bill Gates & Steve Jobs in a race to create the first computers. Bill Gates releases his first version of Ms-Dos (which he actually paid a guy $10k to make. Then he license it to IBM and from there, 35 years ago, we have come to the advancement of D-Wave computers, which makes those old IBM computers look like some caveman drawing. These Quantum computers will blow any Dell, HP or even overclocked Alienware computer out of the water! Not even a comparison! How Quantum Computers Work: ; Imagine how powerful your website would be if it was hosted on a D-Wave Computer. Very strange times ahead of us! description;?>