Kingdom II: Shadoan Deaths


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Death scenes from Kingdom II: Shadoan. I believe I have most of the deaths, but I want to say there is a third death in the finale but trying different things didn't lead to one and it's been over five years since I played this game. If I did miss one, please let me know. Apologies for the quality of the video. My old CDs of this game were able to function through DOSBox but fiddling with the settings couldn't completely remove the audio stuttering and occasional lag. I do have a DVD copy of this game somewhere, and if I can find it and get it setup then I will try to upload a better quality set of deaths scenes in the future. Also, using the black mace on the wolf wounds you and should kill you, but the only video appears for when you get wounded even if you would ordinarily lose a life. So there's a bug there, as you won't get a game over when you lose all three of your lives and going back to get wounded once again will crash the game. Deaths: 0:16 Eaten by black dragon 0:35 Cooked by trolls 0:43 Crushed by a boulder thrown by a troll 1:07 Killed by mercenaries 1:27 Killed by magical tornado (variants at 1:34 and 1:41) 2:01 Ride a rowboat over a waterfall 2:35 Linger too long in the norseman camp 2:59 Pulled magically into the air 3:05 Wander into some cursed ruins 3:27 Get stuffed in a barrel (variant at 3:47) 4:02 Crushed by an elephant (We don't need no stinking flanking!) 4:39 Impaled by a javelin 4:42 Suck at shooting lasers, get impaled by a javelin 5:05 Bisected by a lizardman (Lathan apparently has no bones) 5:12 Cut in half by a lizardman 5:33 Thrown far away by a demon 5:40 Lathan roleplays as a nail and the demon as a hammer 5:53 Too many wounds fighting lizardman guards 6:04 Impaled by lizardman guards 6:21 Buried under lots of stone 6:40 Shot by crossbows 6:59 Let yourself get hit by daggers 7:06 Fly into the daggers 7:29 Fall to your death 7:52 Vaporized by magical thermonuclear explosion 8:04 Walk close to lava and get pulled into the lava by fire demons or something 8:41 Eaten by a red dragon 8:54 Red dragon breath attack (super effective) 9:24 Vanished by magic 9:30 Shield vs. vanishing magic (spoiler alert: vanishing magic wins) 9:55 Bombarded by coconuts 10:05 Bombarded by coconuts part two (this time it's personal) 10:17 Randomly bombarded by coconuts 10:25 Try to sneak through the monster camp without disguises and stop to admire the scenery while they throw spears 10:40 Jump into illusory lava and get impaled on non-illusory spears 11:20 Crushed by a statue (variant at 11:25) 11:35 Don't worry about escaping and let the monsters catch up in their rowboats 11:45 Step off into a magical chasm (Weeee!) 12:09 Eaten by a wolf 12:17 The developers have a bugged encounter with mace vs. wolf (technically you should die here when wounded) 12:29 Magic orb explodes you 12:48 Blasted by gargoyles 12:55 Draw your sword, stand there like an idiot, then get blasted by gargoyles 13:11 Try to take the crown without disabling the security 14:07 Screw up the order for the artifacts and get frozen by the villain 14:28 Don't act in time and get entangled by the villain's rope tentacles description;?>