Amiga Longplay Waxworks


197.845 görüntüleme Played By: Dhukka Well, here it is. After finishing the Dos Version I could pretty much run through the game. I just had to stop and think sometimes in the pyramid waxwork. Unfortunately there are two small flaws, I couldn't get in order. First: the game experienced a sound bug most of the time, meaning, that the sound effects are mostly not there. The Background music plays all the time, but the sounds would disappear and reappear without a logical reason. Second: Since I made a legit HD installation, I couldn't use quick safes, so I had to work around this as well. I used the normal in game saving and cut it out of the video by halting and reastarting the recording just before and after that. You'll notice the music sometimes jumps, that's when I saved the game. So, I hope you like the Video. description;?>