FINALLY! Eclipse PROOF the Moon is MUCH CLOSER Than We Were Told


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Anyone can do this experiment at home. Take any two round objects that come close to scale models of the earth and moon and set them apart at the distance that we are told they are. Then, shine the light from the moon side (I demonstrate in the video that it doesn't matter how far you place the light source) to recreate an eclipse. You will see very quickly that the moon has to be FAR closer than we are told to cast the size shadow that it does on tthe earth! Link to shadow video: Support this channel at or by ordering: VITACOST Natural Foods/Items, NATURAL MEATS using the links below: VITACOST! Low cost, Hormone FREE, Antibiotic FREE, GRASSfed MEATS shipped directly to your home. Make sure you receive ALL You Tube ALERTS for LIVE STREAMS, NEW VIDEOS & LIKED VIDEOS by clicking the FOLLOW button at: (Remove adblocker please) You can also support this channel by WEARING WORDS OF TRUTH on a tee: GAB Facebook TWITTER YOUTUBE BACKUP CHANNEL: IfYouOnlyKnew description;?>