Beyond Shadowgate - Deaths


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The death animation compilation no one asked for! Beyond Shadowgate is the sequel to the classic adventure game Shadowgate. Much like the original game, there are a bunch of gruesome ways for you to meet your end; this time, however, you get to see everything with your own eyes thanks to the third-person perspective! These are all of the unique death animations, and I tried not to include the generic "combat" death one too much. Timestamps: 0:24 Execution (die to the bucket guard or torturer) 1:00 Generic Combat Death (the "normal" death for combat) 1:14 Flesh-eating slime 1:28 Man-eating plant 1:41 Falling down the trapdoor 2:00 Mulnear - Sliced in half! 2:16 Cave Dweller - Legbiter 2:28 Carnivorous Shroom 2:49 Melted by lava 2:59 Impaled! (anger the momma wyvern by killing either of the babies) 3:25 Melted by the castle guardian 3:37 Talked to death 4:59 Marauder - Pump action bagpipes 5:12 Marauder - Flamethrower 5:19 Druidwood Sentries - Becoming a "fungi" 5:27 Punching the Fairy King 5:39 Jack-in-the-box Assassination 6:05 Swamp Slurp 6:14 Screen splat (pull the Magic Sword without the Royal Gauntlets on) 6:31 Stabbed by giant slugz 6:43 Death by Christmas ornaments 7:00 Disintegrated (assemble the Staff of Ages in the wrong statue) 7:24 Frozen (enter Lakmir's hut without the Pendant of Elements on) 7:32 Punching Lakmir 7:45 Boulder splat 7:56 Harpy decap 8:05 Sucked into the red scroll 8:18 Danced the life away 8:42 Door splatted by Buff Ass Elephant 8:53 Fallin down holes again 9:00 Bad Ending (take anything but the Magic Sword, Staff of Ages, or Paddleball with you to the final battle) description;?>
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